You will attend Shiojiri Shigakukan Senior High School. It contains grades 10-12 (ages 15-17 at beginning of year, 16-18 at end). School classes run 8:30 am – 3:00 pm Monday through Saturday, with Sunday being a free day. There are club activities usually after-school but often before-school as well. There are three semesters. The dates for this year are listed below. The school does require students to wear a uniform but is not strict about which uniform must be worn.

1st Semester: 4/9 to 7/23
Summer Vacation: 7/24 to 9/2
2nd Semester: 9/3 to 12/22
Winter Vacation: 12/23 to 1/6
3rd Semester: 1/7 to 3/25
Spring Vacation: 3/26 to 4/8

Student Council

Student Council is one of the many clubs offered at Shiojiri Shigakukan Senior High School. It is an organization run by the students and for the students. It is an opportunity for students to let their voices be heard against that of the educational facility as student council members are given special benefits in helping to run the school.

Members give ideas and participate in debates. They are in charge of the school’s yearbook (though this is managed as a separate club) and in charge of arranging, managing, and decorating events such as dances. Apart from being a member, titled positions are available. The five major positions that a student can hold are the Student Council President’s Board.

President’s Board

President – The President’s role is the head of the student council. The President has the final say in deadlock discussions and gets the privilege of picking the rest of the students on the President’s Board. The President is in charge of making sure all responsibilities of the students of the school are taking care, such as clubs following regulations and students participating in after school clean-up duties. The President also has the power to hand out punishments to delinquent students. The president is elected near the end of the prior year, so they must be a second or third year student.

Vice President – The Vice President acts as the President’s right-hand man. The Vice President should take their role very highly and are expected to use this year to prepare for next year, when they often run to take on the role as President. The Vice President is always hand picked by the President. Often the Vice President will begin to take over duties of the president towards the end of the school year, as the President will be busy studying for entrance exams.

Treasurer – The Treasurer’s role is to keep track of the spending done by the Student Council. They make the budgets and keep the council from overspending. The Treasurer is also responsible for pulling together supplies and for helping the council save as much as they can.

Secretary 1 – The First Secretary’s role is to assist the President and the Vice President in anyway possible. The First Secretary is in charge of both the President’s and the Vice President’s paperwork. From writing down ideas in a planner to handing out detentions that the President assigns, a personal assistant’s job is not an easy task.

Secretary 2 – The Second Secretary’s job is to assist the Treasurer. They are giving the job of checking over math and balances. They are also in charge of making sure the spendings are going as planned. The Treasurer may also send them out to pick up fast supplies if they are too busy to do so themselves.

Historian – The Historian is in charge of keeping track of the many duties performed by the Student Council. At the end of the year, they make a scrap book made of the pictures they have taken throughout the year of the Student Council at work. Each book is considered to be very important to the Student Council’s, and it is filed along the other books from the many years before.

Disciplinary Committee – Members of the Disciplinary Committee are appointed by the President to help enforce the school rules. They have no power to actually punish another student – if a student does not respond to the committee member’s suggestion to correct their behavior, the member must report the situation to a faculty member to assign any appropriate punishment.

Clubs and Teams

There are numerous school clubs and sports teams available. They range from subjects like Photography and Music to Journalism and the Yearbook Committee (which is actually technically a part of the Student Council). Pretty much, if you want to be in a club or on a team for a normal activity, one likely exists. If its an abnormal activity, a club may not exist but do not lose hope! If you can find enough interested people and a faculty sponsor, you can make your own club!

On sports teams, First Years are usually not allowed to actually participate in matches – they practice and assist their Sempai. Exceptions could be made for particularly amazing talents, but they would still be expected to help out the other first years when they were not busy.

Relevant Clubs

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