GM Notes

Theme: Fear

Background: A game called Nightmare Online was created. It’s a horror game that did a very good job at being scary with textual descriptions and and compelling storytelling rather than gruesome graphics (its made for 2013 cell phones..). A premise of the game, and one of its major selling features, is the branching story lines. It has a refer a friend system that works by sending your friend a text message saying “Do you accept responsibility for your actions?”. Replying Yes sends a link to download the game.

In Shiojiri, however, a rumor began to spread that playing the game would curse you with bad luck. Of course, people began to attribute bad things to this and so the “Nightmare Curse” was born. It then began to be a “challenge” of sorts to play the game – proving you weren’t chicken. The fear that resulted ended up creating shadows in the city, and as all the fears of those students gathered in one place, the shadows coalesced into Morpheus- a shadow who gained self awareness (similar to Teddy). Unlike Teddy, Morpheus is malevolent, and began to exert power over the dreams of people who feared the game.

For the last few weeks, people who’ve been playing the game began to experience night terrors. On the night before game 1, one of these kids will die.

As Morpheus formed, the Kirijo group noticed a concentration of shadows in the area and sent Ken Amada to investigate. Philemon, however, was ahead of Mitsuru, and has already begun selecting persona users = the PCs. They will all have a nightmare the night of the first game where they wake up in a room together, like the starting room of Nightmare Online where you customize your character by selecting a weapon and armor.

When they leave, they’ll see Ken on the street with a gun, who will help them find the Velvet Room, avoiding shadows along the way. Once there, Igor will inform Ken that this is not his battle, and take his Evoker by making it appear in his hand. The other player’s phones are then transformed into Tarot cards that will allow them to summon their Personas.

Igor will explain that this realm is not a natural occurrence, and that a powerful shadow is drawing them into it. It’ll be up to the group to find out why its doing it, what its motives are, and how it came about. They’ll ultimately have to put a stop to it all.

Even though Ken can’t summon his Persona, he’ll still be willing to help the party out in the real world. Eventually the party will need to deal with Takaya, who can summon his persona in the real world. He’ll arrange for Mitsuru to collect evokes for the group so that they can summon theirs in the real world as well.

Main Villain: Morpheus

Sub Villian: Takaya Sakaki (Fortune, Hypnos) – it was Takaya who took the opportunity of the game, Nightmare Online, to create this shadow. After Nyx’s defeat, Takaya’s shadow resumed its attempt to kill him. Instead, Takaya managed to wrest control of his shadow even without suppressants. He fled and ended up in Shiojiri, where he began to spread the rumor and cause fear over nightmare online, hoping to create more dark shadows. He is very upset about losing Jin and Chidori, and SEES stopping Nyx and wants to exact revenge on helping the shadows, and trying to let them grow and hurt people. Getting involved with the Kirijo Group will only draw Takaya’s ire directly to them.

Of course, Takaya is not alone. He will assemble a new team (called Hexen) of persona users. Draw from the party PC’s to create 2-3 Hexen.

The night of the first day of school will be a chaotic one – shadows are roaming the streets – all heading towards the school. This is because today was the first day all the students congregated and spent all day in class…drawing all of their fears to that one central location. not to mention the added fear of being the first day in a new school, or a new class. This is the day that Morpheus first manifests in full.

Throughout the year, particularly powerful fears will manifest as Shadow-selves, creating dungeons in people’s homes that can be accessed through Nightmare Online…persona users will wake up in “Nightmares” at night intermittently and together, always starting in that same equipment room, where all their gear is stored. When they exit, it goes to the city. Anybody who is in a nightmare is in here, though only persona users are aware of whats going on. Other’s just think they’re in a nightmare. When a shadow-self manifests, it creates a dungeon where it retreats to during the nightmares. the dungeons are a representation of that fear, and the real self is trapped there, being tortured by the shadow-self. the party will need to fight their way through the dungeon (aka that person’s nightmare) to find the person and help them overcome their fear. This will of course culminate in defeating the shadow-self. Once the shadow-self is destroyed and the fear is overcome, the person is free’d from the nightmare – they are aware of nightmare online and the parties role, but won’t experience nightmares anymore unless they develop a new powerful fear.

eventually the party will learn or deduce that the last day of school will be just like the first, and this is where they must have the final confrontation with morpheus because all of the fears manifesting around life after high school and graduation will again empower him. morpheus plans to, at that time, merge with takaya

in addition, on nights of particularly stressful days (ie day before midterms), shadows will roam freely. it is during the first of these that Ken will provide the party with evokers.

May – Midterms

July – Term 1 tests

Sept – Level assessment test

Oct – Mid-terms/Parent-Teacher discussions

DEC – Term 2 tests

jan – entrance exams

feb – end of year tests

GM Notes

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