Nightmare Online


Nightmare Online is an MMORPG that can be played from a cell phone. It’s a horror game that did a very good job at being scary with textual descriptions and and compelling storytelling rather than gruesome graphics (its made for 2013 cell phones..). A premise of the game, and one of its major selling features, is the branching story lines. It has a refer a friend system that works by sending your friend a text message saying “Do you accept responsibility for your actions?”. Replying Yes sends a link to download the game

Around town though, there is a rumor that the game is cursed. They say that anybody who plays it gets the “Nightmare Curse” and will have bad luck all year. Some kids are even saying that they get nightmares after playing the game. More and more kids are playing it, though, even if only to show that they aren’t afraid.

One way or another, you ended up with this text message and replied “YES

Nightmare Online

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