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Character Creation

This will walk you through the character creation process.


  • You are a regular high school student at Shiojiri Shigakukan.
  • You may be a First Year or a Second Year – if you are a Second Year, make sure you have an aspect that represents you being a Sempai.

Remember that all the steps of this do not need to be done in order, and you can always go back and change something later.


In FATE, Aspects define your character. They are a guide for your role playing, the create complications for you to earn fate points, and they give you bonuses when you spend a fate point on one. Make sure when choosing any aspect that you can think of at least one way in which it can be compelled to cause you a problem and one way in which it can be invoked to help you out.

Choose an Arcana. There is a list of them below, with links to descriptions.

Choose a high concept. This is something that defines your character in the context of the world. For example:

Superstar track runner

Class Prez with an attitude

Not just another delinquent

Choose your Fear. This should be a problem or inner conflict that aligns with your Arcana. It must be presented as some type of fear. For example:

I can’t disappoint my father

I’ll never get a girlfriend

What if they find out about…

Create your Social Links: Next you need to define how you are connected to the world. This is done by creating three social links. At least one of these links should connect to another PC, and at least one of these should connect to an NPC. A social link is a person (or group of people) that you interact with – and will interact with. If you choose a group, there will be a ‘face’ of the group, as well. With each of these aspects, create a few-sentence story that explains how it came to be. For example:

Star of the basketball team

I’ve played basketball since I was a little kid, with my friend Ryoji. I never expected the huge growth spurt I got at the end of last year, now all the other kids are jealous that I’m starting as a first year!"

Just joined the book club

After school orientation everybody was handing out flyers for school clubs. I know my mother would give me crap if I didn’t join one, so I just took the first one someone gave me…and now I’m in the book club…

Ayanami Rei is my best friend for life!

My mom and Rei’s mom were friends so we used to hang out when we were little. When I moved back to town in middle school we reconnected and still get a long great. We love going to the Arcade!

I love talking to the ramen shop owner

Nakamura-san has seen everything the world has to offer! I stop by the ramen shop at least once a week to talk to him and hear the stories of his life.


Starting skills are chosen in a pyramid, one +3 skill, two +2 skills, and three +1 skills.

The skill list is as follows:

  • Academics: Knowing stuff, succeeding in school.
  • Athletics: Moving your body, competing in sports, strength and agility..
  • Charm: How likeable and popular you are.
  • Combat: How well you can fight, attacking and defending.
  • Crafts: Building, fixing and creating anything from technology to art.
  • Cunning: How sneaky, deceptive and underhanded you are.
  • Empathy: How well you understand other people.
  • Notice: How perceptive you are of your surroundings.
  • Provoke: How feared and Intimidating you are.
  • Physique: How Physically tough you are. Your constitution and endurance.
  • Will: How mentally tough you are. Your willpower and courage.

Remember from earlier that Aspects define your character. If you put “Poetry Club President”, your “Crafts” skill will generally be related to poetry, not car engine maintenance!

Record your Stress Boxes

Your character has three stress tracks: Mind, Body, and Spirit. To begin with, each of these tracks has 2 stress boxes.

Physique – Body: Average (1) or Fair (2) gives you a 3-point stress box. Good (3) or Great (4) gives you a 3-point and a 4-point stress box. Superb (+5)and above give you an additional mild consequence slot along with the additional stress boxes. This slot can only be used for physical harm.

Will – Mind: Average (1) or Fair (2) gives you a 3-point stress box. Good (3) or Great (4) gives you a 3-point and a 4-point stress box. Superb (+5)and above give you an additional mild consequence slot along with the additional stress boxes. This slot can only be used for mental harm.

Also apply whichever of the above is more favorable to your Spirit stress track – this is what powers your Persona abilities.

Refresh & Stunts

We’ll play with a starting Refresh of 3. You also may take 1 free stunt. You can spend refresh on stunts if you’d like, but you can never go below 1 refresh. For more information on stunts, look here.

Creating your Persona

Your Arcana shapes the way you will build your persona. Below is a list of them, with currently known Personas. Personas are merely a subconscious manifestation of your will, so they can take any form, but that form is influenced by your experiences and your individual perception of power and strength and the associated elements.

“The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed…”
—Nyx Avatar

Next you’ll take another another special aspect: Your Resistance and a Weakness. Choose an element for each: Physical, Fire, Ice, Wind, Air, Electricity, Light, and Darkness. Shifts of damage are reduced by 2 for resistance and increased by 2 for weakness.

A list of Persona Skills and Stunts is here. You begin play with one +2 skill, two +1 skills, and one stunt. You may take a second weakness to gain a second starting stunt or a third +1 skill, if you’d like. For any Persona skill other than Defense and M. Defense, you must have at least 1 rank in the skill to use it.


Your character will receive milestones at points in the overarching story, based on their progress in the real world aspect of the game. Your Persona will advance differently, though.

A core concept to the Persona series is the idea that your bonds in real life strengthen your Persona. In this game, your bonds with these people will be the only way to progress the skills and stunts of your Persona. This is where your social links become important. I will assign Arcanas to the NPCs you create in your Social Link phase. These people will have problems and fears of their own, and by assisting them in dealing with these problems, you will advance your social link. At various (secret) points throughout the link’s progress, you will unlock Persona Skills, Stunts, and maybe even other secret bonuses. This assistance may come from helping them with a task or even simply talking them through solving a problem on their own.

The party may only have one social link per Arcana, and as it advances everybody will receive the benefits so one person’s story doesn’t overshadow the rest. The progress will be tracked on this site so you are able to see where you are at, and what bonus’s you’ve received from where.

Char Creation

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